Rose Day: Know which Rose colour should you pick for your beloved one

Rose Day: Know which colour should you pick
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As we have entered February- the month of love, romance is in the air! Valentine’s celebration begins from Rose Day, on February 7.

Rose, especially the red rose is considered the epitome of love. Therefore red roses are mostly gifted on February 7 every year. To express one’s feelings towards each other, roses are the best gift.

It was the Victorians in history who practiced the culture of exchanging roses as the token of love.

In this way, they conveyed the feelings that could not be expressed in just words.

Following this, rose has now become the epitome of love and passion. On rose day one can express the deepest of their feelings.

Furthermore, Rose Day is an opportunity for loved ones to express their long-kept desires and feelings.

However, the colour of roses may manifest the different feelings for your loved ones.

Just like Red roses are for that someone – the love of your life. Red ones are the best way to say ‘I love you’. Pink roses show admiration, gratitude and joy.

Yellow roses are for friendship. While white roses embody purity and innocence, hence mostly used in weddings and funerals.

Peach roses symbolise the first blush of love for your loved one. Orange roses symbolise intense passion and desire.

Not only colours but if you want to convey that you are a secret admirer, then you should pick 13 roses.

11 roses signify you are deeply in love. To propose marriage, go for 2 entwined roses (one red and one white).

Now it is up to you to decide which rose color you would pick for your beloved one this rose day!

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