So Fresh Delhi: Pizza Initials you must try!

so fresh delhi pizza
Image: So Fresh Delhi/ Instagram

So Fresh Delhi is brand founded during the pandemic by sisters Rounak and Muskan Dua. Though they lack culinary experience, their brand So Fresh Delhi has become a very popular pizza delivery service of the town.

Started with a feeling of just wanting to be productive, the duo initially only sent customised pizzas to near and dear ones and donated a part of the proceeds towards COVID relief work. Much to their surprise, the idea grew extremely popular and they increased the size of their menu to meet the demand. Now, So Fresh Pizza delivers across Delhi-NCR.

The pizzas are made from scrath, using the freshest ingredients possible. The menu includes a selection of oven fresh gourmet and customized pizzas, temptingly laden with cheese, veggies, sauces and customisable toppings.

They also deliver a variety of pasta, raviolis and desserts like the New York cheesecake and the marble cake loaf. Some delectable sides include parmesan potato wedges and hummus among others.

Their customisable pizza has been their best seller till date. With people asking for their initials to ‘I heart U’ for loved ones, this idea really lets people run their creativity wild. The ‘design your own pizza’ and customisable toppings is truly a one-of-a-kind idea.

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