Some weird places of world where you can go naked, it is completely normal at there

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New Delhi: There are many surprising places around the world. Some are recognized by their beauty, while some places are famous for their peculiar laws and rules. Today we are going to talk about some weird places of world where you can go naked and it will be completely normal at there.

Naked city in Cap d’Agde, France

You have hardly heard of ‘Naked City’ which is known for its beauty and fashion trends. This city is in Paris, which is also known to be famous for naked people. You must be surprised to know that there is a city where people do not wear clothes. People of the ‘Nude City’ go about their daily business in the nude.

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Naked bike ride in Toronto, Canada

The naked bike ride is held in Toronto, Canada, to protest against the pollution cars make, and the use of non-renewable energy like oil, while this protest promotes body-positivity. Since 2004, cities from around the world have came here to join protest against urban pollution car culture, making this the world’s largest naked event promoting cycling.

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Nude restaurant in London

A restaurant which is ‘The Bunyadi’ was launched in London. This restaurant encouraged diners to enjoy the meal in nude. This place is eatery in a quiet corner of central London that encourages customers to strip while enjoying a “natural” dining experience.

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Nude Cruise

Some Tour and Travel companies offer the best nude cruises and clothing-optional vacations. So the naturist in you can bask under the warm sun on the deck of the cruise wearing nothing but just a beautiful smile.

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