Super effective muscle gaining tips for guys

Do you ever look yourself in the mirror and think you could have heavier muscles? Building more muscles means building more strength. The strength of your body depends upon the weight that you can lift and this will also increase your muscle mass.
Building muscles and burning calories are two different things. The correct calorie balance is all that you need. This means you will have to consume more calories than you burn. Muscle mass is the reason why many men keep going back to the gym.

Here are some of the most effective muscle gaining tips for men:

1. Set strength goals 
Let’s face the truth- you cannot gain ‘X’ pounds of muscles overnight. So, instead of focusing strictly on your muscles mass, your goal should be gaining additional strength. Once you start improving your overall body strength, there will be more scope for muscle fibre and these fibre are responsible for how your physique looks. You can add these three exercises in your strength goals- one upper-body push (such as the bench press), one upper-body pull (like the chinup), and one lower-body exercise (try the deadlift), then get to work.

2. Write what you eat
In addition to focussing on your muscle building exercises, it is important to keep a track of what goes inside your body. Maintain a regular journal of how much food you are actually eating in a day. Just hitting the gym doesn’t translate to desired muscle mass and hence you need to maintain a healthy energy balance. Along with the time of day, write about all the food and beverage that you intake. If you are not attaining the desired muscle mass, you can add more calories in your diet for better results.

3. Focus on compound exercise
Those weight lifting exercises that work more than just one muscle joint are known as compound exercise. Deadlift, squat, pullups and bench press are some of the major examples of these exercises. These muscle building exercises help in the release of more testosterone hormones that ultimately promote growth. Curls and leg extension exercises are can be highly effective addition in your strength training.

4.Prepone your bed time by 30 minutes 
In an ideal world, you will get an eight to nine hours of sleep every night but it’s not an ideal world. To cut the chase and go to bed 30 minutes earlier. To achieve the desired muscle goal, it is important to focus on muscle recovery and what else can be better that an early sleep? A good sleep will help your body in recovering from all the exercises and prepare it for the next day at gym.

To gain desired muscle mass, you need to focus on maintaining a healthy balance of calories and rest will be okay.

Disclaimer: The advice given in this content is purely based on generic information. These tips are not to be considered as an alternative to standard medical opinion. It is advised to always consult your own doctor for medical help. The Vocal News does not claim any responsibility for given information.