Super effective tips to stay healthy during winter season

Winter is the season of cuddling up in cosy blankets and sipping on hot chocolate. This season can also make you skip gym or workouts. Dry skin, weight gain, chapped lips, cold and flu are some of the common problems associated with winters. To fight these problems, follow these super effective tips and maintain a healthy body:

1. Load up on omega 3 fatty acids 

Food items like walnuts, almonds, flax-seeds, and fatty fish are some of the major sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties and essential anti-oxidants, these foods will be highly effective in easing out joint pain, cold and flu. These food items are also considered to be great sources of immunity boosting essential nutrients.

2. Munch on fruits and vegetables 

To get the requisite amount of essential nutrients such as vitamin A, B, C, E and fibre, it is improtant to add fresh fruits and vegetable in your diet. Consuming adequate seasonal vegetables and fruits will help you in boosting immunity and metabolism so that you can stay fit and healthy during winter season. Irrespective of the season, benefits of adequate consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables cannot be emphasized enough.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

Though you may not feel as dehydrated as you do in hot weather, yet it is crucial to keep yourself hydrated during winters. Water is essential for improving the overall health of your body. Make it a habit of frequently drinking water so that your body doesn’t feel dehydrated. Often misunderstood as lethargy and weakness during winters, not drinking enough water can have a serious impact on your overall health. Along with locking in moisture, water will also speed up your metabolism which is often delayed during winters.

4. Stay active 

With temperature going lower every day, it can be tough to burn those calories that often get unnoticed under few layers of winterwears. Even if you cannot go out to the gym, there are plenty of fitness exercises that can keep you fit, warm and healthy during winter. Being regular at exercise will boost your immunity while reducing your risks of catching cold, flu or other common winter diseases. Physical exercise helps in releasing mood boosting chemicals called endrophins. To minimize the dangers of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it is important to exercise at least 30 minutes in a day.

5. Keep medicines stocked up 

To strengthen your immunity and overall health, you can also keep stocks of essential vitamins and mineral supplements. Note that, none of the supplements can ever be substituted with healthy fruits, vegetables and balanced diet. Always consult your own doctor to know the best suitable supplement for your health.

Colder weather, shorter days and chilly winds, spread of cold and flu are some of the signs of winter that can have a significant impact on your overall health. With basic hygiene and effective tips, you can keep yourself fit, healthy and warm.

Disclaimer: The advice given in this content is purely based on generic information. These tips are not to be considered as an alternative to standard medical opinion. It is advised to always consult your own doctor for medical help. The Vocal News does not claim any responsibility for given information.