Tamil Nadu girl creates world record by cooking 46 dishes in 58 minutes

A Tamil Nadu girl named SN Lakshmi Sai Sri has entered the UNICO Book of World Records by cooking 46 dishes in a matter of just 58 minutes in Chennai on Tuesday.

Lakshmi said that she was trained by her mother and she developed an interest in cooking.

“I have learned cooking from my mother. I am very happy that I have achieved this milestone,” she told ANI.

Lakshmi’s mother N Kalaimagal said her daughter developed interest in cooking during the COVID-19 lockdown and as she did really well, her father suggested her to attempt to create the world record.

“I cook different traditional cuisine of Tamil Nadu. During the lockdown, my daughter used to spend her time with me in the kitchen. When I was discussing her interest in cooking with my husband, he suggested that she should make an attempt on world record on culinary activity. That’s how we got the idea,” she said.

After much research, Lakshmi’s father found that a 10-year-old girl Saanvi from Kerala cooked around 30 dishes.

“Thus, he wanted his daughter to break Saanvi’s record,” she added.