This is how a farmer became millionaire overnight

In what could be termed as a twisted turn of fortune, a small farmer in Madhya Pradesh rose to riches from rags after the diamond he had found on a patch of leased land was auctioned at Rs 60.6 lakh on December 5, 2020.

Lakhan Yadav, 45, who had taken a patch of land on lease at Rs. 200, found something strange when he was scooping out stones and pebbles from the land.

The diamond began shining as soon as the dust was rubbed off it. According to the reports, the district diamond officer confirmed about the diamond, when Lakhan had taken the piece to him.

With the help of compensation after his eviction from Panna National Park, the farmer had bought two hectares of land.

After depositing the diamond to the district administration, he also bought two buffalos and a motorcycle.

Talking about the diamond, he said that it has changed his life and that he will not do anything big with the money.

“I am not an educated person, and I’ll put the money in a fixed deposit to ensure my four kids get a good education,”  he was quoted as saying in media reports.