Tips to make your foundation last all day in this festive season

Many women often struggle with the sight of seeing their makeup sliding off their face by the lunch time and end up having a patchy skin. Nobody wants their flawless look turning into a hot mess.

But the question stands still: how to wear foundation to last all day? It takes more than just the best quality cometic to have a stand-all day makeup finish. The one that will survive the test of sweat, heat, time and of course your tears.

Here are some of the key tips to make your foundation last all day.

#1 Prepare your skin

Makeup applied on a dirty skin tends to slide away faster than the makeup that you wear on a properly cleansed and moisturized skin. Start off with cleansing your skin with a smooth cleaner and moisturizing well. The key is to keep the lighter moisturizers for day makeup and heavier ones for night because heavy moisturizers take longer to dive into the skin.

#2 Prime well

Primer helps in keeping your foundation well set in the place so definitely it is something you cannot afford to miss out. A primer will smoothen your skin, tighten your pores, blur imperfections, illuminate and hydrate your skin. Based on your skin tone, you can choose a matte or a radiant finish primer.

#3 Apply the right way

Along with cleansing your skin, applying primer and choosing the right foundation, it is equally important to choose the right way to apply makeup. Some women might apply foundation with their fingers while some prefer flat top makeup brushes or blend it with a blending sponge.

More foundation doesn’t mean some of it will last for longer time. Apply light and thin layer of foundation and blend it until it settles in the skin perfectly. To have a mess-free, effortless and all-day makeup, thin layers are the best deal.

#4 Give final touch with setting powder and spray

At last, you would need a setting powder to dab on you makeup so that it remains intact to the skin and stands the test of time. With the help of a makeup brush, apply setting powder in a circular motion. If you have oily skin, then focus mainly on the T zone as this area tends to get oilier with time. Along with the setting powder, you can even apply spritz of setting spray on the makeup.

These sprays give a dewy, lightweight and glowing finish to overall makeup.
Choose the right foundation for your skin tone and rock your party look without worrying even a bit.