Top classic cocktails and how to make them

So, the winters and holiday season is here and there are bound to be parties. Whether you have your friends coming over, or are just enjoying with your family, or on your own, there are sokme cocktails that you should know how to make them.

Be it the Old-Fashioned cocktail or timeless Martini, classic Manhattan or evergreen Margarita, all of these cocktails have withstood the test of time to retain their identity.
Let’s check out some classic cocktails.

#1 Martini

While different people have different preferences among gin or vodka, stirred or shaken, dirty or dry, a classic Martini is made using gin. To make this cocktail, add half ounce of vermouth in 2.5 ounces of gin in a glass. Pour it into a martini glass after stirring it for around 30 seconds. For garnishing you may add a few olives and lemon slices to give it an herbal and rich flavour.

#2 Manhattan


Dating back to the 1800s, this is one of the classic cocktails you must know how to make. Two ounces of whiskey (preferably rye), an ounce of vermouth and some bitters. In a mixing glass add some and all the three ingredients. You can garnish this classic smooth, cocktail with maraschino cherries as well.

#3 Daiquiri

When it comes to style, presentation, variations and age, this cocktail has a lot of similarities with a classic margarita. To shake up this classic and timeless cocktail, just fill up shaker with ice, top is up with 2.5 ounces of rum, one ounce of lime, and just half an ounce of simple syrup as a sweetener. For any event, get together or beach vacation, you can easily whip up this delicious cocktail for an added charm.

#4 Margarita

Owing to the popularity and fan base of this classic, it would be hard to find an alcohol drinker who is oblivious to what margarita is! While various mixologists are trying to get new variations with this cocktail, the classic recipe for margarita is quite simple. Four ounces of tequila, and two ounces of Cointreau, juice of two limes topped on ice are the main ingredients to make this recipe. You can garnish it with lemon wedges but the salt is optional.

#5 Mojito

This ageless cocktail has its origin in the 16th century in Cuba but today its rich flavor is enjoyed and appreciated across the globe. Carefully muddle some mint leaves in a shaker. In an ounce and half white rum, add equal parts of lime juice and simple syrup. Top it up with club soda and garnish with some mint leaves to get a citrus, herbal and refreshing flavour.

Tim Collins, Gin and tonic, bloody Mary, French 75 are some of the classic cocktails that you can try to make and experiment with. Happy and safe drinking, folks!