Top haunted places in Chandigarh that you should know about

Known majorly for its vibrant city vibes and serene parks, Chandigarh city has dark, hidden and not-so-famous side to it. There are many scary and spooky sites in the city that will send chills down your spine. Many people believe that there are certain places in the city that are haunted by some invisible power. When talked to the localites, you can also hear the stories attached to these places. If you are in the mood to see explore this city with maximum adventure, then these are some of the haunted places that you can visit in the City Beautiful:

1. Haunted Bridge- Sector 16

Famous for its well-structured architecture, the city has some dark and spooky secrets hidden deep under the grounds. There is an old bridge located on the central way to General Hospital in Sector 16 of Chandigarh. The bridge doesn’t only look scary but it has a story behind it. Localites believe that 20 years back, the bridge witnessed an accident of a medical student. Ever since then, the same girl is claimed to walk down the bridge with a lamp in her hand. The local residents of Chandigarh believe that many people get numb by the horrifying sight of that woman.

2. Punjab University

There is always a haunted story associated with an educational institution and so is true with Punjab University. Spread over an area of 600 acres, some sections of this university are known for paranormal activities. One can experience the screeching of bats and owls on the trees and branches along with some scary and supernatural activities. The students and staff in the university have claimed that there have been some ghostly things around the university.

3. Sukhna Lake

As they say, there is always an ugly side to a beautiful thing and this serene Sukhna Lake is not an exception. Known for its lively and vibrant water sports and hustle-bustle in the day time, this lake becomes a haunted place in the night. The lake has witnessed some scary deaths in the recent years and is believed to be haunted by invisible spirits. Take a night trip to the lake and see what lies under the water.

4. Savitri Bai Phule Hostel

One of the residential hostels in the City Beautiful, this place is believed to be haunted by headless spirits roaming in dark nights. Students living in this hostel have often witnessed loud thumping on the doors of this full-fledged haunted hostel. It is said that a student from Punjab University jumped off the hostel building and ever since then, the hostel has been witnessing haunting encounters.

5. Haunting Sati Temple in Sector 39

It is believed that this temple like structure is memorabilia of a woman who became Sati. The place is believed to be haunted by the spirit of that woman and many localites have claimed to witness paranormal activities. It is reported that anyone who bows down in front of this place gets possessed by the invisible spirit.