Top winter care tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing

The season of cosy blankets and hoodies is just round the corner and it is also the time to take extra care of your skin. With chilly winds and falling temperature, winters can wreak havoc on your skin. You cannot do much for the falling temperature but here’s all you can do to keep your skin healthy and glowing:

1. Stay hydrated 

Due to this chilly season, people often tend to drink less water because they feel less dehydrated. However, it is important to know that our body loses water in lots of unimaginable ways. So, always remember to drink your H20 and get glowing skin without any dullness. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water will help in locking moisture in your skin while keeping your overall body health in check.

2. Use lukewarm water to wash your face 

While hot water bath is one of the best remedies to kill those winter blues, hot water can hurt your facial skin in more ways than you can imagine. Hot water may result in dry, itchy and flaky skin. The situation can be worse for those with sensitive skin. We don’t suggest you to switch to cold water bath altogether, but using lukewarm water to wash your face will be safe and effective. Also limit your shower time to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

3. Eat green veggies

Veggies like cucumber and celery are great sources of water and they can easily be accompanied in your snack time. Along with watery veggies, you can also munch on orange and yellow vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes etc. Owing to their beta-carotene antioxidant properties, these veggies are great for your skin. To boost your consumption of essential nutrients like vitamin A, C and E, you can add some spinach and other green leafy vegetables in your diet.

4. Moisturise your skin 

To maintain healthy and glowing skin during winters, moisturising your skin frequently with an oil-based moisturizer will be highly effective. Regular handwashing is also crucial, especially during the season of cold and flu. Always remember to keep your skin moisturized with natural moisturizer. Some of the most used and highly effective natural moisturizers are coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, castor oil, buttermilk and cucumber etc.

These smart tips may help you in combating winter dryness while giving you a happy and healthy skin that you always dreamt of.

Disclaimer: The advice given in this content is purely based on generic information. These tips are not to be considered as an alternative to standard medical opinion. It is advised to always consult your own doctor for medical help. The Vocal News does not claim any responsibility for given information.