Travel influencer Romeer Sen urges all to travel and witness the beauty of earth

Travel influencer Romeer Sen
Romeer Sen

Most of the Indians believe that traveling to different destinations is an expensive deal, and as a result, a majority of the people in the nation used to stay away from trips meant to explore the beauty of Planet Earth.

However, travel influencer Romeer Sen strongly disagrees with this concept, and he says that traveling is for everyone, irrespective of financial status.

Romeer Sen urges people to enjoy the bliss of nature

Romeer Sen has visited 33 countries, and in this course, he has stayed in both ultra-luxurious hotels and simple hostels. According to Sen, the primary purpose of a trip is the destination to which we are traveling, and the commutation means have very little importance in a journey.

“Even if you travel by Private Jet or fly Economy or travel by train or a car or public transport, it is the destination that matters a lot. No matter what your commutation means is, the destination remains the same. People should travel, I mean they should travel a lot, and should witness the beauty of this world. If you wish to spend moments luxuriously, then choose an extraordinary property for stay, or else, choose a simple stay, and enjoy things around you,” says Romeer Sen.

Romeer Sen’s experience as a travel influencer

After completing his educational career in prestigious institutions in Mumbai, Romeer Sen traveled to London to complete his master’s in International Business Management (IBM) from Middlesex University. Now, as a travel influencer, Sen is one of the most demanded personalities in the hospitality industry.

As a travel influencer, Sen always tries to offer a virtual tour to his followers on social media pages. According to Sen, he not only concentrates completely on describing the suits or hotels in which he stays but also his ultimate aim of his trip is to portray the unexplored areas of a city or country to his followers.

“When I started my Influencer journey I was seeing that mostly all the Travel Profile talk about Hotels and just one or two prominent Tourist Spots of the place, that’s when I knew there, has to be a different side of this,” said Sen.

Citing the example of Maldives, Sen added, “Imagine Maldives, so today every celebrity, influencer when sharing their story about the Maldives – it’s about they being in their swimsuits, within the expensive Hotel properties, having breakfast in the pool or bed, and showing the sea and at last a cozy dinner table. My Maldives pictures have my shoot taken early morning at 4 am with the stars and the shooting star photobombing my image. So I am showing the other side of Maldives. I believe in showing different sides of the city or country.”

As the coronavirus scare is getting over, and people have started seeing light at the end of the tunnel, Sen is planning to visit different places within India in 2021. Sen also promised that his followers will be able to see an ecstatic virtual tour of India in the coming days.

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