Rising Type 1 Diabetes cases in India – a clarion call?

Type 1 Diabetes cases in India - a clarion call?

A fresh Lancet study has brought forth rattling numbers of diabetes cases in India. People living with Type 1 diabetes are set to double by 2040, as per the Lancet Modelling study.

These stark figures raise concerns over the rising lifestyle disease conundrum. The fresh estimates show about 8.4 million people were living with type 1 diabetes in 2021.

Notably, the ten countries with the highest estimated Type1 Diabetes prevalence are USA, India, Brazil, China, Germany, UK, Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Spain.

These account for about 60% of the global burden of Type1 Diabetes. Moreover, the Model estimates suggest that 21% of individuals with Type1 Diabetes live in low-income countries and low and middle-income countries.

By raising the standard of healthcare for Type1 Diabetes, we can save millions of lives in the near future.

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The Lancet diabetes model will be made available open-source soon. It will show the data on the burden of Type1 Diabetes widely accessible.

Data on Type1 Diabetes prevalence and mortality is wanting and even missing in some of the countries. The researchers modelled data on childhood, adolescent and adult Type1 Diabetes prevalence in 97 countries.

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