UK company sells fresh air for those who can’t travel home this Christmas

Owing to the ever-changing rules and regulations surrounding COVID-19 travel restrictions many people around the world have found themselves stranded far away from home this year.

For the uninitiated, international health crisis is still pretty bad in Europe. Just days before Christmas, most European countries have banned travel to and from the UK to limit the spread of infection.

A United Kingdom-based company named ‘My Baggage’ has launched a very amusing and weird product which is needed for all those who are stuck at home in this lockdown. The company is selling “authentic” air from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to provide overseas homesick UK residents with the aura of their home.

The official website says, “We are offering Brits living overseas the chance to buy authentic air from the UK to remind them of home. The new bottled air delivery service now available means Britons living across the globe can buy premium fresh air for all UK home nations”.

‘Authentic’ bottled air

Priced at £25 (around $33,) the 500 milliliter bottle comes with a cork stopper, so the recipient can keep opening it up and taking in the aroma whenever they want to travel back home and smell the air.

What do we know about ‘Authentic’ bottled air?

The company also gives a special option of delivering premium aromas and specific smells available upon request. The current available flavours are: London Underground, Fish and Chip’s aroma from Norfolk, and fresh mist from the summit of Snowdonia.

The website says, “We help thousands of Brits with their international removals every year to locations such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, and New Zealand, but we know many of them do miss home. By buying our reputable bottled air, they can settle into their new lives safely in the knowledge that they can access a little bit of home whenever they need. We’re sure there’ll be a lot of demand for this service which thousands of British ex-pats will find a breath of fresh air”.

Scent of home

“We wanted to help them [UK residents living abroad] reconnect with home and we know from published research that our sense of smell is very evocative when it comes to emotions,” reports CNN.

‏”By allowing recipients to take a deep breath of the air from their home country we’re hoping to ease homesickness and help them settle into their new life, wherever that may be.”

According to My Baggage, the vast majority of orders come from those who are buying the bottles as gifts for friends or family living overseas.

What are your thoughts on bottled air?