VIRAL Life saving hack for chips-bag-sealing

If you are one of those people who can manage not to finish a bag of chips in one go, firstly HOW and secondly, we have come up with a super amazing and life saving hack that will help you a LOT!

We understand the struggle of rummaging for a chip clip, paper clip, rubber band or any other sealing device sort of thing. However, to put an end to your struggles and sufferings, we have come up with a life-saving hack for sealing chips bags for eating again.

Unlike many hacks on social media, you wouldn’t even need a drill machine for this hack. Surprised? Trust us, to seal a bag of chips you will no longer need a rubber band, paper clip or chip clip.

We recently chanced upon a video on social media where a content creator has showed how to reseal a chips bag in no time at all! Take a look:

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The hack was shared on Instagram by @butterhag, and was reposted by several other pages where it went viral and garnered nearly 1 million views and counting.

In the video shown above, the woman did nothing but folded both corners of the chips bag and rolled it inwards and created a triangular structure. Then, she turned the bag of chips over and rolled the packet inwards till it could go no further.

Later the woman turned the front side of chips bag and there were two flaps on the corner of the packets. The flaps will work as an effective seal for the bag of chips.
As soon as the video was posted on Instagram, many users started dropping comments in praise.

“Definitely not buying chips clips for sure,” commented a user while another cheekily wrote, “That’d be handy if there were ever any chips left in the bag at the end!”
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