VIRAL: Man makes bizarre cookie recipe, calls it ‘King’s Hand’

Believe it or not, the world of Internet is full of weird yet creative food pairings that will might confuse you to the core. One such dish by the name of King’s Hand is making rounds on the internet and netizens have all sort of reactions to it.
Dreams are weird and that’s reason big enough to not recreate your dreams IRL once you are wide awake. But try telling that to person who “dreamt” of a salad-stuffed cookie named ‘King’s Hand’.
In a series of tweets, a US based user @thatfrood shared the whole process of making ‘King’s Hand’
“I had a dream where there was a food called ‘King’s Hand’, a hollow handmade m&m cookie, filled with Greek salad. I could not stop thinking about it. Here is the culmination of a week-long effort,” he wrote.

“At the end, I was stunned by how well it turned out. I was super proud of it and I took a bite out of it. I was like, heck yeah,” said the baking enthusiast.