Viral: Toddler interrupts mom while she is live on air

Toddler Interrupts Mom While She Is Live On Air
Image credits: Brandi Hitt/Twitter

Work from home has become the new normal for all os us. After the coronavirus pandemic, the world has unlearned many things. While learning new ones is the only choice remaining now with people. A toddler and his cute video has become talk of the town.

In a recent follow-up of the new norm Internet has given us the cutest video of the day perhaps. An AC7’s weather roadcaster Leslie Lopez and her toddler are making ripples in the 20th century world with the cutest blooper of 2021 so far.

The reporter’s 10.month-old baby Nolan crawls up to his mother’s leg while she is live on air. After that what happens- the video says it all.

The video of this toddler’s cute interruption is going viral all across.

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