VIRAL: Woman slaps man every time he mistakenly uses Facebook out of distraction

VIRAL: Woman slaps man every time he mistakenly uses Facebook out of distraction
Image: Twitter

Distractions are one of the common human tendencies. From a monkey mind to bad habits like spending too much time on social media can be dangerous to one’s health as well.

You may have heard of various ways of people mending their bad habits. But there is a nine-year-old ad that Elon Musk has just reacted to.

It is about a man who hired a woman to break his habit of using Facebook every time. Maneesh Sethi who is an Indian-American entrepreneur hired a slapper off Craigslist website. She will slap him every time he opens Facebook.

Sethi is the founder of wearable devices brand Pavlok. He apparently hired a woman named Kara, for $8 an hour. All she will have to do is just watch his screen and slap him if he went on the social media platform.

Maneesh Sethi’s this peculiar act was advertised on Craigslist back then in 2012. Lately, it has started doing the rounds on social media after Elon Musk reacted to it.

Woman slaps man everytime he uses Facebook

Maneesh Sethi even credited the woman, Kara who helped him up his productivity rate by slapping him every time he got distracted.

He even shares that his productivity rate went above 90 per cent which was earlier 35-40 per cent. It is a known fact that excessive use of social media can be devastating for our mental and physical health.

People find different ways to mend their habits but this one of hiring a woman to slap him is a unique one indeed.


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