Want to burn full body fat? All you need is a pair of socks

With the mercury sliding down on thermometer, it is already the time of bring out your cozy blankets and definitely, socks. While it can be the perfect time to just cuddle up in your comfortable winter wear and sipping on your hot chocolate, it is also a great time to indulge in fat burning exercises.

With a pair of simple socks, you can enhance your fat burning speed while ensuring maximum fun at workout sessions. Vesna P. Jacob, holistic fitness guru, pilates expert and author, says, “These sliding movements are excellent for the core as they help create an unsteady environment but working out this way is also great fun with the sliding motion and its safe because you have constant contact with the ground.”

Here are some of the exercises that you can perform better in a pair of socks:

1. Sliding lunges with push-ups 
One of the most effective exercises for entire body, sliding lungs with push-ups will work your legs, upper body along with core. Based on how fit you are, you can either do this exercise as a single exercise or split it into two. Stand in front of a box or a sofa and keep your feet at shoulder width and tighten your core. Now, start sliding your left feet and allow your right knee to touch the floor. Now slide your other foot backwards and take high plank or push up position. Do one push up and return back to starting position.

2. Sliding push ups 
Get support from a box or a sofa to place your hands on it. One by one, slide both your legs to take a pushup position. After doing one push up, come back to normal position. Doing this exercise in a pair of socks will enhance your performance.

3. Sliding curtsies 
With your feet shoulder width apart, stand in a straight posture. With a slight inhale, allow your right knee to relax and soften a bit. Now, slide your left foot back as if doing a curtsy. On one side, do 10 repetitions before switching to another leg.

4. Sliding oblique twists 
If you are looking for an exercise that will mainly work your abs and sides, then you can include this in your workout session. As you did in the previous exercise, use the same starting position and lift your right foot. Now try bending your knees and take it near the opposite wrist. Repeat this exercise on alternate sides.