WATCH: 7-year-old Rory Van Ulft lifts 80 KG weight

The world internet is flooded with amazing stories. While some of these stories might make you smile, there are many that make you cry.  But there are many stories on the internet that will make you go “WOW! But how?”

The story of 7-year-old Rory van Ulft belongs to the last category. It’s one of those stories that will leave you amused and surprised, all at the same time. This little girl has created a buzz by lifting weights of 80 kg.

She began training just after her fifth birthday, reports LabBible. The young one has also bagged several awards.

Rory Van Ulft has an Instagram account that is managed by her parents. On her Instagram handle, one can see amazing photos and videos of her incredible feat.

Check out some of Rory”s posts:

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“I like getting stronger. Being stronger lets me do more and get better at everything I try. I don’t think about what came before, or what will come after. I don’t think about anything. I just clear my mind and do it,” she told LadBible.

“Based on her current Sinclair total, Rory is not only the strongest seven-year-old in the world. She is likely also the strongest seven-year-old girl or boy who has ever lived, for whom there are verifiable competition results,” Rory’s dad told LadBible.

Van’s Instagram comment section is filled with beautiful and appreciable comments.

“She’s so strong and technical, way to go girl,” praised an Instagram user. “You are amazing girly!” expressed another.
What do you think of this super amazing girl?