White eggs Vs brown eggs what’s the difference?

Owing to the presence of a number of essential vitamins, minerals, as well as proteins, eggs are considered to be a complete meal. Considered to be one of the most popular breakfast options, eggs are extremely versatile as well.

But when it comes to the colour of eggs, many people have a clear preference and favourite. While many people prefer white eggs there are others who consume only brown ones.

In this edition, we are talking about the major differences between brown eggs and white eggs. Read on!

White eggs Vs brown eggs what’s the difference?

According to Tro V. Bui, a visiting fellow in animal science at Cornell University, “There is no real difference in nutritional value between brown and white eggs “(as quoted by a popular daily)

He added, “However brown eggs have more Omega-3 fatty acids but the difference is almost negligible.”

White eggs are laid by chickens having white feathers and white or light-coloured earlobes while brown eggs are laid by brown-feathered chicken with red earlobes.
It is correct to assume that there are more white eggs in the world as compared to brown eggs but the reason is that the cost involved in raising and breeding a white feathered chicken is cheaper.

Why are brown eggs costlier?

The reason why brown eggs cost more than white ones is that they are laid by chickens who have a bigger and costly appetite. Also, brown eggs are a bit bigger in size. The cost of raising a brown feathered chicken is more because their diet is big and hence expensive.

What is the nutritional difference between brown and white eggs?

There are many researches being conducted to identify the difference between brown and white eggs in terms of nutritional value but so far the majority seems to believe that there isn’t any.

Nutritionist Niharika Ahluwalia says, “There is no real difference between brown and white eggs in terms of nutritional value. But these days brown eggs are associated with being organic, which might make them seem a healthier choice. But, if the chicken was fed regular food, then the eggs wouldn’t be organic.”

What is difference in taste of white and brown eggs?

Brown eggs taste different than a white one and that’s actually true! But this doesn’t impact their nutritional value because the nutritional value depends upon the diet of the chicken that laid it. So, if a brown feathered chicken and white feathered chicken are being fed the same kind of food, then the change in taste would go unnoticed!

The bottom line is- whichever type of egg you prefer eating is good for you and you need not switch or ‘upgrade’ to the other type.