WHO lists 10 global health issues to track in 2021

2020 has been a devastating year for global health. The COVID-19 pandemic swept the world and quickly became one of its top killers. Today, health services across the world are struggling to in their fight against the coronavirus and to provide life-saving care to people.

“So in 2021, countries around the world will need to continue battle COVID-19 (albeit with the knowledge that effective tools are evolving). They will need to move swiftly to repair and reinforce their health systems so they can deliver these tools, and to address the key societal and environmental issues that result in some sections of the population suffering so much more than others,” the WHO wrote in its website.

“WHO and its partners will be at their side. We will work to help countries strengthen preparedness for pandemics and other emergencies. We will remind them of the importance of bringing countries together and of involving the whole government, not just the health sector. And we will support them in building strong health systems and healthy populations,” it said.

WHO lists 10 global health issues to track in 2021:

1. Build global solidarity for worldwide health security

2. Speed up access to COVID-19 tests, medicines and vaccines

3. Advance health for all

4. Tackling health inequities

5. Provide global leadership on science and data

6. Revitalize efforts to tackle communicable diseases

7. Combat drug resistance

8. Prevent and treat NCDs and mental health conditions

9. Build back better

10. Act in solidarity

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