Why Coorg should be your next travel destination

When it comes to a getaway from the ongoing hustle bustle of daily life, hill stations of India prove out to be the best escapes. Another such popular hill station is Coorg that will leave you awestruck and mesmerized with its scenic charm.

No matter how vibrant and exciting the city lights might prove out to be, our heart always possesses this long desire to delve deep into the laps of Mother Earth.

Coorg is one of the most visited places for people who are looking after some relaxation in their lives. The breathtakingly beautiful landscapes of Coorg are the natural stress reliever.
Taking a trip to Coorg with your family or friends or even alone, will prove out to be one of the most remarkable and memorable trips.

Surrounded by the amazing, highland mountains, deep valleys, secluded moors, and lush green coffee plantation, Coorg has been the top vacation spot of Southern India. A district in Karnataka, Coorg has heavy coffee plantation and is also known as “Scotland of India”.

The breathtaking beauty of hills and valleys is the one thing that guarantees you a break from the ongoing chaos of work life. Also known by the name Kodagu, the place works out as a perfect getaway for a relaxing and calming holiday trip.

The place has many exotic vacation spots where you can satisfy your wanderlust. The place is perfect for exploring the rich wilderness and natural vegetation rallies which will fill you with peace.

The whole area is surrounded with thick forests, marvelous coffee plantations, high waterfalls, with an exotic coating of green spice estates.

The thick forests and the mind captivating beauty of ghats in Coorg are bestowed with a natural gift of pleasing the eyes and soul.

The scenic beauty of the place has so much to offer to the nature lovers as well as the history buffs. Yes! the long-standing historic sites of Coorg are definitely a treat to the history lovers.

There are some of the many unavoidable things to do and places to visit in Coorg while enjoying the popular concept “homestays”.

Popular places to visit

#1 Abbey Falls

situated just 1 km away from the Madikeri town, this waterfall is one of the most exotic views where Cauvery River cascades in the most iconic manner. Right after the monsoons is the best time to visit this blessed beauty of nature.

#2 Talacauvery (or talakaveri)

#3 Madikeri Fort

The high fort standing since the 17th century has undergone beautiful transformations over the years yet beholds the captivating, gothic charm to please the visitors.

Following are the irresistible things to do in Coorg

Bird watching.
Sight seeing
Star gazing
White river rafting

Coorg is the perfect travel destination almost everybody. Whether you are a travel junkie, a family person seeking an escape from city light, history buff, or a nature lover, Coorg satisfies your wanderlust to the maximum.

Just wake up to see the iconic sunrise with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and let yourself drown in the serene beauty of this place.

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