Winter diet: Add greens and protein in your diet with this Methi Paneer

What does winter remind you of? Dry skin, chapped lips and heavy woolen clothes? Yes, winter is all about it. Winter is not just about how well you cover yourself in multiple layers, but you can keep yourself warm with a variety of winter foods. Winter is the best season to improve immunity.

From gajar halwa to variety of parathas, winter has huge list of food options that you can eat all day long. Today, we have brought one such healthy and delicious winter food that will not only give you the goodness of nutrients but also treat your tastebuds.

Methi Paneer or Methi Chaman is a lavish vegetarian dish from Kashmiri cuisine that’s enriched with essential macro as well as micro nutrients. A mouthwatering blend of methi leaves or fenugreek leaves, fresh cubes of paneer and hot spices, methi chaman is a great way to kill those winter blues.

In the world of health, fitness and nutrition, the idea of embracing local, organic and seasonal food is rapidly increasing. Known as one of the best winter foods, methi can be your perfect winter greens for different experiment with food.

Here is how you can make deliciously healthy methi chaman that’s packed with nutrition of green as well as protein.

Having a slightly bitter taste, methi leaves can be perfectly teamed up with paneer cubes for a toothsome dish. The type of spices used in this dish; are also something twist the taste of this dish to a large extent.

Ensure that you choose very soft paneer for methi chaman because the softness of paneer sets this dish apart from any other paneer recipe. You can keep paneer cubes soaked in milk to retain its softness.

To make the dish, ensure that methi leaves are properly washed and free of any dust. To avoid the risk of contamination, many nutritionists suggest that you boil or sauté green leafy vegetables.

Cut the paneer into small cubes and heat oil and deep fry for a short time till it is golden brown. Chop the fenugreek leaves finely and wash them in water to remove the dirt. Remove excess watet before frying the methi leaves in little oil and asafoetida. Now add other spices; 2 tsp ground fennel, turmeric powder, 5-6 green cardamom, 5-6 cloves, 4 cm long cinnamon stick.

Keep stirring till the oil starts to release. Add the paneer cubes and milk. Bring it to boil. Reduce heat and simmer till the gravy thickens. Garnish with almond and sultana. Serve hot with any paratha of your choice.