World Bicycle Day: 8 health benefits of cycling daily

health benefits of cycling daily
Image: Unsplash

Cycling is one of the simplest exercises in the world. Right from the age of 8 to 80, anyone can enjoy the benefits of cycling. Here are some of the health benefits cycling can provide amid a pandemic:

1.Cycling is one the easiest ways to remain fit and stay in shape. It makes the muscles stronger and increases stamina.

2. It a beginner-friendly, low-intensity workout of sorts.

3. Going for a bicycle ride daily may improve balance, posture and mind-body co-ordination.

4. Cycling is a great exercise for the heart and helps lowering blood pressure.

5. Research shows that high-intensity cycling along with training can have actual anti-aging effects right at the cellular level.

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6. It is a great exercise for stiff joints and patients with osteoarthritis.

7. Cycling is an efficient way to manage type 2 diabetes and avoid the sedentary lifestyle.

8. Taking your cycle out for a ride is great for stress, concentration and mental health as it may help clear your mind off things and feel rejuvenated.

Cycling is the easiest and simplest ways to maintain your health. It is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation and improves your overall health. Not only will it make you feel refreshed, but also feeling healthier and happier. Let’s take our old bicycles out for a ride today!

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