North Korea’s Kim Jong Un calls pop music a vicious cancer

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Image: Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has described K-pop music as a ‘vicious cancer’, corrupting the younger generation of the country, as per reports.

This lead the North Korean leader to declare a new cultural war to stop the spread of South Korean music and movies.

This includes all the K-dramas and K-pop videos that he tries to stop reaching his citizens through a secretive anti-K-pop campaign. This was claimed by a report in the New York Times.

The NYT report cites a South Korea– based news source, called Daily NK. Apparently, this news source had first learned about this new culture war from leaked internal documents of North Korea.

In December 2020, Kim Jong had introduced a series of new laws that increased the level of punishment for owning or watching South Korean entertainment.

Also, in North Korea, there is a punishment of up to 15 years of jail in hard labour camps for watching South Korean videos or pop music.

The Kim family dynasty has been ruling North Korea for more than 70 years. Kim Jong now worries if the South Korean entertainment will loosen his grip on the youth.

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