Pulitzer Prize for exposing China’s secret won by journalist Megha Rajagopalan

Pulitzer Prize for exposing secret detention camps in China goes to Megha Rajagopalan
Image: Pulitzer Prize

An Indian-origin journalist, Megha Rajagopalan, alongwith two other contributors has won the Pulitzer Prize.

Their innovative investigative reports had exposed a vast infrastructure of prisons and mass internment camps secretly built by China for detention of Uighyr Muslims. These camps exist in Beijing’s restive Xinjiang region.

Journalist Rajagopalan is from BuzzFeed News. Moreover, she is among the two Indian-origin journalists who have won the US’s top journalism award.

Tampa Bay Times Neil Bedi won for local reporting. Neil Bedi along with Kathleen McGrory has also been awarded the prize for the series exposing a Sheriff’s Office initiative. This initiative had apparently used computer modelling to identify people believed to be future crime suspects. About 1,000 people were monitored under the programme, including children.

Neil Bedi is an investigative reporter for the Tampa Bay Times. Journalist Rajagopalan’s Xinjiang series has won the Pulitzer Prize in the International Reporting category.

As soon as in 2017 when China began to detain thousands of Muslims in Xinjiang. Journalist Rajagopalan was the first to visit an internment camp – at a time when China denied that such places existed.

Journalist Rajagopalan exposes China’s camps

The Indian-origin journalist took help from two others also analysed with her satellite images of the Xinjiang region. Furthermore, they were looking for the place where the Chinese had secretly kept 1 million Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other Muslim minorities.

Journalist Rajagopalan after being barred from China, travelled to its neighbour Kazakhstan. It is the place where many Chinese Muslims have sought refuge.

There she was able to locate more than two dozen people who had been prisoners in the Xinjiang camps. Pulitzer prizes are awarded annually in twenty-one categories. In twenty of the categories, each winner receives a certificate and a USD 15,000 cash award. The winner in the public service category is awarded a gold medal.

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