Raj Kundra’s explosive claims after Shilpa Shetty viral video, here’s what he said about ex-wife

Raj Kundra Shilpa Shetty Kavita
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In a shocking claim, Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra has said that his ex-wife Kavita had an affair with his brother-in-law. He finally broke his silence after Kavita, in an interview, blamed Shilpa Shetty for her divorce with Raj Kundra.

Raj Kundra, however, denied the allegations and hit back at Kavita, saying the latter was paid for her interviews against Shilpa Shetty. Furthermore, he said that he was not allowed to meet his daughter from her first marriage and she was just 1 month and 10 days old when they separated.

Raj Kundra makes shocking claims

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Raj Kundra said, “We were living in one house with my mum, dad and my sister and her husband had moved over from India to try and settle in the UK.”

“She grew very close to my ex-brother in law spending more and more time with him especially when I was out on business trips. Many of my family and even my driver would say we sense something fishy between these two and I would never believe it. I gave my ex wife the benefit of doubt.”

More explosive claims

In an interview with Etimes, Raj Kundra made another explosive claim. He said his mother even caught his ex-wife and sister’s husband red-handed in compromising situations.

He said, “My mother caught my ex-wife and sister’s husband red-handed, in compromising situations many times. Two families were spoiled here; they didn’t think twice.”


Calling it an agenda, Raj Kundra said that it’s an old news going viral again to bring up a half-baked story to malign him and his wife.

“It’s saddening a few days after my wife’s birthday, 11-year-old news goes viral again bringing up a half-baked story and forever trying to malign us. There is obviously some agenda. I have maintained my silence for 12 years but enough is enough now.” 

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