100-million-year-old bones of dinosaurs found in Meghalaya

100-million-year-old bones of dinosaurs found in Meghalaya
Image: Pexels

Researchers have discovered the remnants of about 100 million years old sauropod dinosaur from an area around West Khasi Hills District in Meghalaya.

The researchers from the Palaeontology division of the Geological Survey of India made these findings during their recent trip to North-East.

According to the researchers, this is for the first time when the remnant of sauropods probably of Titanosaurian origin has been found in the region.

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According to the researchers, Sauropods had a long neck, small heads, and four legs. They are known for their enormous size. After the findings, Meghalaya has become the fifth state in India. Before Meghalaya, Sauropod bones have been discovered in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu.

“Dinosaur bones from Meghalaya were reported by GSI in 2001 but they were too fragmentary and ill-preserved to understand its taxonomic identification,” said Arindam Roy, Senior Geologist, Palaeontology Division, GSI.

“The present find of bones is during fieldwork in 2019-2020 and 2020-21. The last visit of the team was in February 2021. The fossils are presumably of Late Cretaceous, about 100 million years ago,” Roy was quoted as telling PTI.

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