75 year old letter by Einstein featuring “E=mc2” is out for auction

75 year old letter by Einstein featuring "E=mc2" is out for auction
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World famous scientist Albert Einstein’s letter emphasizing the equation on Theory of relativity is worth billion dollars now! A 75 year old letter written by Einstein is estimated to be worth $400,000, reports CNN.

In 1946, a letter written by Albert to the polish- American –physicist Ludwik Silberstein is considered to be the only written evidence of “E=mc2”. A news release from the RR auction has claimed so.

The incharge of archives at the Einstein Papers Project, Caltech and even Jerusalem’s Hebrew University stated of the paper that was secured at schools consisted the only known “holographic examples.”

In the first line of the letter the equation of energy is mentioned by the scientist. It literally says, “Your question can be answered from the E = mc2 formula, without any erudition. If E is the energy of your system consisting of the two masses, E0 the energy of the masses when they approach infinite distance, then the system’s mass defect is E0 – E / c2.”

Bidding for the same began earlier this day, on Thursday at $25,000. The last day of auction is announced as May 20, 2021.

The letter containing “E=mc2” and other letters by Einstein himself are also out for auction. The other letters include, one of his gravitational field equations and rise of Nazism and Hitler in 1934.

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