Aliens- no evidence yet but can’t deny a link either: US Intel report

NASA’s Curiosity rover detects ‘Alien Burp’ on Mars
Image: Unsplash

Aliens- is that one word that we all are familiar with. But still after so many years of investigations and findings, we know very less about them.

They are still out there but humans cannot trace them. U.S. intelligence is also probing into the aliens and their habitation.

The intelligence agencies so far have found no evidence that the UFO sightings are linked to aliens but at the same time can not deny a link either.

The U.S. government cannot give a definitive explanation of aerial phenomena spotted by military pilots. The report also claims that the unexplained phenomena could be the secret U.S. programs.

The Director of National Intelligence was to summarize and report on the U.S. government’s knowledge of unidentified aerial phenomena or UFOs.

The Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency have been looking into the reports of aircraft or other objects in the sky. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Moreover, the U.S. government takes unidentified aerial phenomena seriously given the potential national security threat. The U.S. military also considers this as a security and safety issue.

But since there is no substantial evidence yet to prove the aliens’ existence for that matter, hence there is nothing much to offer in the report.

And a lack of firm conclusions will likely disappoint people who have been anticipating surprising conclusion.

Pentagon had announced a task force in 2020 to investigate the issue. Besides, the Navy alsoo has a protocol in place for its pilots to report any possible sightings.

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