Aliens visited Earth in 2017, claims a Harvard professor

Aliens visited Earth in 2017, a Harvard University professor has claimed.

He also made claims about the mysterious object Oumuamura that was spotted during that time and said it was a harbinger of things. In an interview conducted on the release of his upcoming book “Extraterrestrial:The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth,” professor, Avi Loeb, claims weird rock is the first sign of foreign visitors, and the next might more active than before.

“What would happen if a caveman saw a cellphone?” he wondered.

“He’s seen rocks all his life, and he would have thought it was just a shiny rock.”

“Some people do not want to discuss the possibility that there are other civilizations out there,” Loeb continued.

“They believe we are special and unique. I think it’s a prejudice that should be abandoned.”

“It would put us in perspective,” he added. “If we are not alone, are we the smartest kids on the block? If there was a species that eliminated itself through war or changing the climate, we can get our act together and behave better. Instead, we are wasting a lot of resources on Earth fighting each other and other negative things that are a big waste.”

“We have no way of knowing whether it’s active technology or a spaceship that is no longer operative and is continuing to float in space. But if Oumuamua was created together with a whole population of similar objects that were launched randomly, the fact that we discovered it means that its creators launched a quadrillion probes like it to every star in the Milky Way,” he had previously said to Haaretz about the discovery.