Asteroid as big as Eiffel Tower likely to move past earth in December

Asteroid as big as Eiffel Tower likely to move past earth in December

Until the end of the year, there have been many asteroids that have passed dangerously close to the earth.

But there are still other asteroids that are approaching planet earth. Big rocks are known as asteroids and comets in space travel around the Sun. Sometimes, they change their paths due to the gravitational force of planets.

And then these space rocks rarely collide with earth, but when they do, it becomes way too destructive.

In this month, there will be as many as 5 potentially hazardous asteroids with diameters ranging from 84 metres to 1.3 kilometres.

These will sooner or later be approaching our earth. But few of them are of the sizes of the Eiffel Tower and the world’s largest building Burj Khalifa. Let us have a look at these upcoming asteroids that are approaching Earth.

-4660 NEREUS

It is a 330-meter-diameter asteroid that will fly past Earth in December. It is nearly the size of the Eiffel Tower. This asteroid has been classified as potentially hazardous.

163899 (2003 SD220) asteroid to passs earth

This asteroid is around 769-816 metres in diameter. Also, it is likely to zoom past Earth on December 17. It is as big as the size of Burj Khalifa.

2016 TR54

This December 24, the 2016 TR54 asteroid will pass near the Earth at a distance of 6.4 million kilometres.

2018 AH asteroid to pass earth

It will pass by earth on December 27 and its size is bigger than the Taj Mahal.

2017 AE3

It will be the third largest asteroid to pass by earth this month. It is likely to pass by Earth on December 29.

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