Asteroid earth collision: Here’s what NASA says about possible threats

Asteroid earth collision: Here's what NASA says about possible threats

Science has brought us closer to space and near earth objects than ever before. Asteroids zooming past earth can be termed as one of several normal space events. Yet, one can’t deny the dangers and predictability of it hitting our planet earth.

As an asteroid colliding with Earth has the potential to wipe out all of human race. Recently, an asteroid made contact with Earth while three others just zoomed past the planet.

On March 12, four asteroids were scheduled to zoom past our planet at a close distance, but one of them actually ended up colliding with our planet.

Earth having second Trojan asteroid?

The asteroid which crashed into Earth on Friday was actually expected to whizz past the planet but owing to the gravitational pull of the planet, it changed its course and crashed with the Earth.

On March 21, another asteroid will safely pass by Earth. As per the space agency, there is no threat of any collision for centuries to come.

Let us have a look at what NASA has to say on such asteroids and their crashing with our planet.

As per Nasa, nearly 28,000 near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) have been found. Asteroids are extremely predictable celestial bodies.

To study their path and anticipate their possible passing nearby earth, Nasa has developed a next-generation impact monitoring algorithm Sentry-II.

But sometimes, their paths come very close to Earth’s future position and due to this, a future Earth impact cannot be completely ruled out.

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