Astronomers believe to have found a ninth planet in the solar system

Astronomers believe to have found a ninth planet in the solar system
Image: Unsplash

Astronomers believe they have found evidence of a ninth planet in the solar system.

Using the Subaru Telescope, two professors at the California Institute of Technology, completed a study highlighting an unknown new planet that might exist beyond the orbit of Neptune.

As per the study, “The Astronomical Journal,” Brown and Batygin, the two professors, using the Subaru Telescope on Maunakea observed the movements of several objects in the Kuiper Belt.

Nearly 20 years ago, certain objects in the Kuiper Belt were found to have strange orbits clustered together. And this could only be explained by an unknown massive object influencing them.

However, that did not necessarily suggest the existence of a ninth planet.

As per one of the professors, none of the observations revealed Planet Nine.

But Brown and Batygin have 99.6 per cent confidence that the objects’ strange movements are not the result of some cosmic fluke. But are rather caused by a yet-unseen large object.

As per the study, the two researchers have estimated the potential ranges of the hypothetical planet’s mass and orbital characteristics to be within 95 per cent probability.

So, based on the results of 121 simulations, the professors conclude that Planet Nine is most likely a gas giant with an icy and rocky core. Moreover, it is about six times the mass of the earth.

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