Bdelloid rotifer survives 24, 000 in Siberian Permafrost

Bdelloid rotifer survives 24, 000 in Siberia Permafrost

A Bdelloid rotifer that came back to life after freezing for over 24, 000 years has been discovered by scientists.

Before the new findings, the discovered Bdelloid rotifer was thought to be a fossil. Bdelloidea is a class of Rotifer animals. It includes freshwater animals.

According to the reports, the fossil has returned to life after being frozen for over 24,000 years.

The scientists are taking interest in the fossil, as it is rare for a multicellular organism to come back to life after such a long time of being frozen.

This micro-organism is reproducing asexually after being frozen in the permafrost of Siberia for 24000 years.

According to Carbon dating, the bdelloid rotifer specimen belongs to any period between 23,960 and 24,485 years.

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