Blood Moon 2021: Total Lunar Eclipse will appear on May 26 this year

Blood Moon 2021: Total Lunar Eclipse will appear on May 26 this year
Image: NASA/JPL/Kieth Burns

Blood Moon, lunar eclipse, or Purna Chandra Grahan, will appear on May 26 this month. Blood Moon is a temporary lunar event. It occurs when Moon comes under the Earth’s shadow.

As long as this phenomenon remains in existence, a reddish light keeps illuminating the sky.

It will be the first and the last Blood Moon of 2021 that can be seen from any part of the world. However, for Indian skywatchers, it will remain in existence as a penumbral lunar eclipse for five minutes.

When will the Blood Moon appear?

According to NASA, the Blood Moon will appear for three hours and seven minutes this year. It includes time for both partial eclipse and total eclipse.

The total eclipse will remain in existence for about 15 minutes, which will begin from 08:47 am UTC (2:17 pm IST). The full eclipse will appear at 11:11 am UTC (4:41 pm IST) and end at 11:25 am UTC (4:55 pm IST). The lunar event will completely end at 01:49 pm (7:19 am IST).

Will it be visible in India?

The total lunar eclipse 2021 will appear in South/East Asia, Australia, North and South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica, according to a Norwegian website ‘Time and Date.’

Some of the cities where this Blood Moon is likely to visible include Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, Manila, Melbourne, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

Other cities which will get their partial appearance include Bangkok, Chicago, Dhaka, Montreal, New York, Toronto, and Yangon. India, however, will get only its appearance as a penumbral lunar eclipse.

What is Blood Moon?

Blood Moon is a temporary lunar event. In this temporary lunar event, the Earth blocks sunlight from reaching the Moon directly, due to which the Moon turns reddish in colour.

It happens when the Moon comes under the shadow of the Earth. This position prevents Moon from getting sunlight directly from the Sun. It can be seen without any special gear.

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