Chilean Scientists discover remnants of plant-eating dinosaur

Chilean Scientists discover remnants of plant-eating dinosaur
Image: Unsplash

Chile Scientists have discovered the remnants of an unknown species of dinosaurs.

This previously unknown species of dinosaur existed millions of years ago and lived among the lush greenery.

The scientists who discovered the remains of these previously unknown dinosaurs live in the parched Atacama desert of Chile.

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Chilean Geologist Carlos Arevalo led the team which discovered the remnants of the Arackar licanantay 75 kilometers south of the desert city ​​of Copiapó.

The meaning of Arackar Licanantay is ‘Atacama Bones’ in the Kunza language. The Titanosaur had a small head, long neck, tail, and unusual flat back.

According to recent paleontological studies, Arackar lived with plants, ferns, and palm trees during the period of the Cretaceous around 66-80 million years ago.

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