China shares new images from Zhurong rover on Mars

China shares new images from Zhurong rover on Mars
Image: Zhurong Mars Rover Twitter

China has shared new images from its Zhurong rover on Mars. This includes a beautiful selfie of the Mars rover next to its landing platform.

China National Space Administration (CNSA) on Friday released the first batch of scientific images of the rover, the panoramic view of the landing site, the topography of Mars.

They call it ‘tour group photos’. Zhurong’s joining of NASA’s Perseverance on Mars makes China the second country to land and operate a rover on the Red Planet.

The picture of the ‘touring group photo’ shows the rover travelling about 10 metres south of the landing platform.

China landed a probe on Mars for the first time on May 15. The Zhurong robot will study Mars’ surface rocks and atmosphere. It will also look for signs of life, including any subsurface water or ice.

The six-wheeled solar-powered Zhurong rover resembles a blue butterfly. It has a mass of 240 kg. It also has an expected lifespan of at least 90 Martian days, which is about three months on Earth.

Just a week after its arrival, Zurong rover has also sent back first footage from Mars -two photos and two videos.

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