Climate Change Alert: Intense heatwave leads to raging forest fires in France

Climate Change Alert: Intense heatwave lead to raging forest fires France

In the wake of alarming heatwaves all across the globe, Western France is facing a ‘heat apocalypse.’

Climate experts have put on dire warnings throughout these most vulnerable continents as extreme temperatures continue to hit much of Europe.

Temperatures could touch record high levels in 15 regions of southwest France. This comes as firefighters battle wildfires and thousands are forced to evacuate.

These intense blazes in Spain, Portugal and Greece have now forced thousands to flee. Moreover, record high temperatures are also likely in parts of the UK, which has its first-ever red extreme heat warning in place.

The recent wildfires in France have forced over 16,000 people to flee this area; concerned authorities have also set up emergency shelters for these evacuees.

Gironde, a popular tourist region in the southwest was also hit badly. The firefighters have been battling to control these fires which have already destroyed over 14,000 hectares of land since last Tuesday.

Here’s How Millets can help mitigate Climate Change?

Heatwaves have now become more frequent and intense than ever before. These are some of the consequences of human-induced climate change.

Our earth has already warmed by about 1.1C since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Relevant emission cuts will play a major role in controlling global warming to an extent.

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