Climate change may cause floods over East Asia’s mountain region

Climate change may cause floods over East Asia's mountain region

As the climate crisis unfolds the world has multiple threats coming its way. From having a profound effect on global weather systems, to rainfall and wind patterns, a new study predicts there will be likely deluges over the mountainous parts of East Asia in the future.

It will be atmospheric rivers that will bring in the pouring rains, scientists say.

These narrow corridors of concentrated moisture will have the potential to quickly cause flooding while hitting a barrier like mountain range.

As per the researchers’ models, rainfall events in East Asia will be more frequent and more severe in the coming decades as earth warms up.

Besides, more water will be transported through air, and more precipitation will land on the ground.

The findings show both the atmospheric river-related water vapor transport and rainfall intensify over the southern and western slopes of mountains over East Asia in a warmer climate.

“Atmospheric rivers will bring unprecedented extreme rainfall over East Asia under global warming,” say the researchers.

The atmospheric rivers pick up moisture from warmer areas and deposit it over colder regions.

So when it comes to regions like Japan, Taiwan, northeastern China, and the Korean Peninsula, the rainfall could reach record-breaking levels, the study reports. And most of this rain will land on the southwestern slopes of the Japanese Alps.

To study the same scientists used high-resolution global atmospheric circulation model simulations.

While for some regions, increased rainfall will be a benefit but for others, extreme weather conditions could cause life-threatening flooding.

As per researchers, the modeling could also apply to other areas where atmospheric rivers might develop.

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