Dart: NASA tests technology that could prevent asteroid colliding with earth

Dart: NASA tests technology that could prevent asteroid colliding with earth

Dart: NASA has launched a spacecraft to test the technology that could prevent a dangerous asteroid off its course from hitting earth in future.

The Dart mission of NASA aims to see how difficult it would be to stop a big space rock or asteroid from colliding with our planet earth.

The spacecraft will crash into an object named Dimorphos. It will test and see how much its speed and path can be altered.

Asteroids hitting earth could potentially cause devastation across continents.

It could even unleash continent-wide devastation.

A Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Dart spacecraft blasted off today from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

Since it is the first attempt to deflect an asteroid from hitting the earth. It is to be noted here that this particular asteroid presents no threat to us.

The Dart mission will only be changing the period of the orbit of Dimorphos.

About Dart mission and Asteroids?

These are the leftover building blocks of our Solar System. In extremely rare conditions, they may collide with the earth. Hence, we should have a protective layer in place, or some solution to prevent this collision from happening.

The Dart mission will target a pair of asteroids that closely orbit each other. The larger of the two objects is called Didymos.

Also, asteroids with a diameter 300m and larger could cause major destruction on earth.

Moreover, Dart is having a camera called Draco. It will provide images of both asteroids and also help the spacecraft point itself in the correct direction to collide with Dimorphos.

But there is a degree of uncertainty when it comes to how Dimorphos will respond to the impact.
It is because its interior structure is not known so far.

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