Did you know some mammals can breathe through their butts?

Did you know some mammals can breathe through their butts?
Representative Image from Unsplash

During the pandemic we all have heard about shortness of breathe or breathing issues. Experts and doctors have been trying to save lives with whatever resources are there at their disposal.

But did you know that the most important function, i.e; breathing, some mammals can do this using their butts?

Several unique species survive in the dark ocean waters. But they still require oxygen. They have evolved different strategies for breathing with time. Did you know that many fish and frogs exchange gases or breathe through their butts?

Basically, they exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide in their intestines. Since the mammalian intestinal tract is well-connected to our circulatory system.

In humans also, some treatments are done through the rectum.

Scientists have also hypothesized that mammals could also breathe through their butts. These major findings were published in the journal Med.

In a nutshell, intra-rectal oxygenation could save many lives. Like many other species that reside in the ocean, mammals too can breathe through rectum.

Though it has been proved that intra-rectal oxygenation in mice and pigs is effective but trials on humans is needed to prove it efficacy.

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