Dinosaurs lived and moved in herds? A new fossil study suggests

Dinosaurs lived and moved in herds? A new fossil study suggests

We all have read about Dinosaurs. Long before today’s world came into being, dinosaurs moved in herds.

As per a new study, the prehistoric creatures lived in herds much earlier than previously thought.

Their fossils now unearthed, indicate they had a communal nesting ground; there were adults who foraged and took care of the young as a herd.

In a paper named Scientific Reports, researchers from MIT, Argentina, and South Africa have given their detailed discovery. It pertains to an exceptionally preserved group of early dinosaurs that shows signs of complex herd behaviour as early as 193 million years ago — 40 million years earlier than other records of dinosaur herding.

Since 2013, scientists have excavated more than 100 dinosaur eggs and the partial skeletons of 80 juvenile and adult dinosaurs from a rich fossil bed in southern Patagonia.

The researchers had grouped the fossils by age. Dinosaur eggs and hatchlings were found in one area, while skeletons of juveniles were grouped in a nearby location. And the remains of adult dinosaurs were found alone or in pairs throughout the field site.

Moreover, living in herds may have given Mussaurus and other social sauropodomorphs an evolutionary advantage.

These early dinosaurs originated in the Late Triassic.
Hence, the evidence suggests that Mussaurus optimized foraging potentials during the early Jurassic. As there exists clear evidence of the same phenomenon in this early dinosaur species.


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