DRDO senior scientist receives ‘Scientist Of The Year’ award

Dr. Hemant, a senior scientist of the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) Panda Pithoragarh, has been felicitated with the prestigious Scientist of the Year award for his distinguished research.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh presented him a letter of appreciation with Rs. 2 lakh award money at headquarters of the Defense Research and Development Organisation in Delhi on December 18, 2020.

The award was given to Dr. Pandey for his research on Himalayan medicinal plants and the invention of six herbal products.

Dr. Pandey has invented herbal medicines for leucoderma and eczema as well as toothache, anti-ultraviolet radiation cream, herbal health supplements, and herbal products that enhance the body’s immunity.

He gave the concept of three medicinal products to reputed herbal companies. Dr. Pandey has also completed the procedure for eight patents.

DRDO has received royalties of more than 2.30 crores from a drug called Leucoskin,  a product that has been developed by Dr. Panday.  The organisation has also received more than Rs. 50 lakh from different companies for other medicinal products.  Dr. Panday has also

Dr. Pandey has developed an improved version of the Leukoskin product and is researching to prepare medicines for various incurable diseases.