Earth is in a state of emergency and is literally dying, warn scientists

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After taking the vitals of Earth, a team of scientists has warned that the damage caused by humanity to the planet may be terminal.

In other words, the planet is in very bad shape. The scientists from various universities across the world studied 31 metrics of ecological health out of which 18 face all-time poor results, they told Agence France-Presse.

Earth in a state of emergency

The researchers are among 14,000 experts who have signed a statement that the planet is in a state of emergency. Through a “business as usual” approach to managing our light blue point, as the conclusion of a report to be published in BioScience magazine, we, as a global company, are approaching many ecological tipping points, and do it. already surpassed others.

In a report to be published in the journal BioScience, the scientists conclude, we as a global society are approaching many environmental tipping points and have already blown past several others.

Atmospheric levels of methane and carbon dioxide have reached record high, while Arctic ice and glaciers are at an all-time low. Sea levels and ocean temperature are at their highest levels, while the rate of deforestation in the Amazon is also high.

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Ecological horrors

The list of prevailing ecological horrors is long, and Tim Lenton, director of the University of Exeter Global Systems Institute warned that the damage is already making the climate in “behave in shocking, unexpected ways.”

“We need to stop treating the climate emergency as a stand-alone issue — global heating is not the sole symptom of our stressed Earth system,” Oregon State University ecologist William Ripple told AFP.

“Policies to combat the climate crisis or any other symptoms should address their root cause: human overexploitation of the planet.”

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