Fireworks Galaxy: NASA’s Hubble Telescope captures stunning photo (Pic inside)

NASA has shared a fascinating picture on the official Instagram handle of its Hubble Space Telescope. The picture shows the Fireworks Galaxy, which looks absolutely stunning and has left netizens feeling fascinated.

“In the last century alone, the Fireworks Galaxy (or NGC 6946) has experienced 10 observed supernovae. For context, our Milky Way Galaxy averages just one to two supernova events per century! The Fireworks Galaxy resides 25.2 million light-years away from us, along the border of the northern constellations of Cepheus and Cygnus,” reads the text which was shared alongside the picture.

Here is the post:

The photo was shared on Instagram on January 9 and has so far garnered more than 92,000 likes and many comments from the social media users.

One Instagram user wrote, “I need it for my wallpaper”, while another said, “Informative”. “Awesome,” read another comment.

Another user called it “Beautiful,” while another stated, “Always in awe of the stuff you share”.