First Mercury close-up flyby shots look formidably stunning

First Mercury close-up flyby shots look formidably stunning
Bepi / Twitter

These new pictures of Mercury have recently been shared on the internet. The spacecraft was launched in 2018 to explore the closest planet to the sun.

NASA’s Mariner 10 mission visited Mercury in 1974 and 1975. The Messenger spacecraft returned to the planet in 2014 as part of NASA’s solar exploration program.

Since Mercury remains one of the least explored planets in our solar system. For decades this planet was considered a rocky planet, smaller than our Moon.

As per the European and Japanese new mission, there is a lot more to Mercury than what meets the eye.

The spacecraft BepiColombo got its first glimpse of Mercury on October 1. The craft took photos when it was 2,418 kilometres from Mercury.

These are the first images from the mission on Mercury’s northern hemisphere.

Mesmerising Mercury

Also, there are areas flooded by lava, smoother and brighter plains; the craters like the Calvino crater and the Lermontov crater.

But why is Mercury one of the least explored planets? It is because of its speed and the complex manoeuvres required for a spacecraft to enter its orbit.

Since it is closest to the Sun, it moves at 105,947 miles per hour.

This planet goes so fast it completes a full orbit around the Sun, which earth completes in 365 days, in just 88 days.

As per the ESA, the mission will unravel the mysteries of Mercury. It aims to prove or disprove a theory that states that Mercury was initially formed near Mars and was pushed closest to the Sun by a massive armageddon collision.


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