First Solar eclipse ‘Ring of Fire’ of 2021 will fall on June 10

First Solar eclipse 'Ring of Fire' of 2021 will fall on June 10
Image: Pexel

The first Solar Eclipse of 2021 will fall on June 10. This Solar Eclipse will be an annular one.

A Solar Eclipse takes place when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth just at the right time.

That very day the moon in its elliptical orbit of Earth will lie too far from us to cover over the sun completely. Hence a bright annulus or ring surrounds the new moon silhouette at mid-eclipse. However, this Solar Eclipse of 2021 will not be visible from India.

Only people in northern Canada, Greenland and Russia will be able to see the Annular Solar Eclipse. It is popularly known as the ‘ring of fire’.

And a partial Solar Eclipse would be observed from most of North America, Europe and North Asia. CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT LUNAR ECLIPSE

The Solar Eclipse will only be visible in the far east states like Arunachal Pradesh. It will be a treat for skygazers when the moon will cover about 97 per cent of the Sun.

The longest duration of this annular phase would be close to four minutes.

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