For first time in over 30 years, Extinct clouded leopard spotted in Taiwan

Rangers in Taiwan have spotted a leopard that is thought to have disappeared from the world.

Despite being officially sighted in 1983, it was declared extinct in 2013. Taiwanese scholars don’t want to remove this animal from the list of endangered species.

Known for its beautiful markings, the Himalayan Cat, Formosan clouded leopard, is subspecies of the clouded leopard. It has been on IUCN’S endangered list since 2008.

This animal has earned recognition as a symbol of conservation in India. Paiwan Tribe treats this animal as a sacred spirit. As soon as it was sighted, a meeting was called by the village head to discuss the way to stop outsiders from hunting the animal.

For a long time, the Formosan clouded leopard has been a beautiful mystery for natives.